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Why outsourcing?

Many developed countries widely use the commercial cooperation in the form of “outsourcing”, where a number of risks related to the entity’s management is delegated to specialised companies with highly qualified  employees who guarantee the quality of services and their professional responsibility.

Centeraudit LLP is ready to provide the certain safety and the basis for Your business development by rendering accounting services on outsourcing terms. 

The obvious advantages of the outsourcing basis for the maintenance of the accounting records together with Centeraudit LLP are as follows: 

- normal conduct of Your business based on the continuity of the accounting records maintenance and qualified system of accounting and tax accounting;

- accounting service agreements provide accurate procedures of relations between customers and contractors, including amounts of service payment and deadlines; hence the control over costs connected with the maintenance of accountants permanent staff and possible work- break of the  Accounting and Tax Departments;

- concentration on business issues without fearing of security leakage;

- dynamic development under conditions of responsibility transfer for the untimely preparation of the financial statements or for law quality services to an outsourcing company.